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How to find the perfect Bridesmaid dresses for your Wedding

Katie Pinto-Fernandes
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Samantha Homer is the European Director of Operations for twobirds, a business offering “stylish dresses for the modern bridesmaid”. twobirds was founded by Ariane Goldman in 2007 and has continued to go from strength-to-strength. The business has flagship stores in Covent Garden, New York and Toronto, and their dresses are currently stocked in 59 stores across the UK and Europe.


1. How should a Bride manage her budget when choosing Bridesmaid dresses?

This all comes down to priorities. Allocate the overall budget in a way that is appropriate to you and your priorities. When it comes to Bridesmaid dresses, if making sure your Bridesmaids look and feel great on the day and have a dress they can wear again is near the top of your list, then you’ll need to make room for that in your budget. Don’t forget to factor in possible alterations costs too.

If you have a particular brand that you love but you know it’s out of your budget, then sign up for the brand's mailing list so that you receive details of any sample sales or special offers. There’s a chance you could end up getting your dream dresses for a fraction of the price!

2. Should a Bride stick to a seasonal colour palette or be adventurous in her colour choice?

Colour is such an individual thing and it speaks to all of us in a slightly different way. Most people have a favourite colour so that's a great starting point and you should definitely do whatever you want – if you're having a May Wedding and want black, then go for it! Just go for whatever you and your partner love.

Having said that, things you may want to consider are: the colour of the Wedding Dress, the Groom's suit and any existing colour scheme in your venue. Then, when your Bridesmaids start trying dresses on, look at their individual skin tones and which colours suit everyone best. Some couples are choosing to mix and match different tones - pinks and greys are very popular or perhaps a range of neutrals or jewel tones. That's a lovely way to bring in multiple favourite colours or give a nod to other areas, whilst also keeping all of your Bridesmaids happy if they don’t all want to wear the same colour dress.

3. What are the key style points that a Bride should keep in mind?

  • The overall style of the Wedding - If you're going for a super laid-back ‘backyard’ Wedding for example, you might choose a different style of Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid dress than you would if you were getting married in a grand ballroom.
  • The Wedding Dress - If your gown has a particular detail that you would quite like to reference in your Bridesmaid dresses, then that will inform your choice too. The great thing about twobirds dresses is that they can be wrapped in so many different ways. For example, your Bridemaids can wrap the top to look similar to the neckline of your Wedding dress during the day, and change it up for the party in the evening!
  • Venue details / colours – This is something to consider if you wish, but the sky is the limit!

Couples are doing whatever they want now, and I think that's such a great thing because it really allows people to express their personalities in every detail of their Wedding, including their Bridesmaid dresses. Each Bridesmaid can also have a little hint of their own style and personality in their dress. We’re also seeing a trend towards Bridesmaids being more individual in terms of their hair, makeup and styling. That can only be a good thing, because a happy Bridesmaid means a happy Bride.

4. Finally, why do people choose twobirds for their Bridesmaid dresses?

It's just so easy and hassle free and you know the girls are going to look amazing! Our dresses cover UK sizes 4 to 24 and with three different lengths, even tall bridesmaids can wear heels if they wish. There are no alterations necessary so you don't have that worry about the dresses fitting, or if one of your Bridesmaids gets pregnant for example. We have lots of different colours and bridesmaids can wear the dresses again and again afterwards. It’s so great to see a group of women who are completely different body shapes genuinely look and feel amazing in the same dress.